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A Quick Tip on Faster Processing in SPM

For those comfortable working scripts we have a tip on getting your results faster and with less overhead and little to no screen clutter:

From the menus select File/Submit Command File



Running commands in this mode will bypass most of the normally created GUI displays (Results windows, Summaries, etc). The run will proceed faster and will use far less memory and windows resources. You may find that this is the only way to complete lengthy and complex scripts when working on platforms with modest
amounts of RAM.

NOTE: this is in contrast to opening the command file and then submitting the open window from the File menu. Submitting any open window or part of a window will generate all GUI displays as if you had been using your mouse
and clicking on commnds.

For the "File/Submit Command File" to work you will need to have created your command file or script and saved it as a .cmd file. Further, if you do want to review the graphical displays later will need to have issued a GROVE command for every model or BATTERY in your script. Later, you can open the groves and view all the graphical displays and see the same results you would have seen if you had run the models interactively.

The only difference between viewing the results later and immediately after a job completes is that some follow-on options are available only immediately after a run completes (such as "Create Plots" for TreeNet). Running in batch will deprive you of access to these immediately available follow-on options. In some cases, if you truly need to take advantage of these options you will need to run the model in question again interactively and then continue in interactive mode to access the results you seek.

In summary: if you want to run a fair number of models rapidly and want to avoid cluttering your screen with dozens or hundreds of windows then use the special SUBMIT file option we offer from the File menu. Such runs will complete faster than submitting a set of commands from an open window and will minimize the consumption of scarce windows resources (including memory). This mode may be the only way you can successfully complete very large scripts within the GUI version of SPM.

If this trick is still insufficient to allow you to run a complex script all at once consider expanding your license to include a non-GUI version (Windows or Linux) that is even more efficient.


Tags: SPM, Command Line, GUI, Speed