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Adding Comments to Your Saved Grove Files

If you open a saved grove for any any Salford Systems data mining engine (CART, MARS, TreeNet, RandomForests) you will notice a "Commands" button among a row of controls along the bottom of the display. The Commands button will open a plain text window displaying all the commands entered in your session up until the run that generated the grove.

The way to get some comments into this display is to issue some REM commands prior to pressing the START button on the Model Setup dialog. To do this, if you are already in the Model Setup process press CONTINUE instead of START. Then, File..Open Notepad (or CTRL–N) will bring up a blank plain text window. Just type your comments as follows:

REM first comment here

REM second comment here

REM more information and documentation

REM final comments


You can have as many of these as you like as there is no limit that we impose on their number. Once done just go to the File menu and select SUBMIT WINDOW. The commands are issued and remembered. Now you can go back to the Model Setup dialog to press START or use one of the icons on the toolbar to start your data mining engine of choice. You can check the commands that are recorded when the results dialog appears to verify that your comments are indeed stored.

just be sure to SAVE the GROVE if you want a permanent copy of this work.


Tags: SPM, Comments, Grove