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Salford Systems' tools have accumulated numerous data mining awards since August 2000 and continue to garner new honors and awards each year. We are the only major data mining software provider with this kind of proven performance track record. Not one of our best-known competitors has been able to garner a single win when going up against us in open competition.

Here is a brief outline of our track record:

2016 DMA Analytic Challenge
Predicting customer lifetime value to drive personalized customer interactions
First Place*
2015 DMA Analytics Challenge
Repeat Purchase Task
Second Place*
2013 DMA Analytics Challenge
Cleveland Clinic Re-activation Campaign
Identifying Patients Most Likely To Respond
First Place*
2010 DMA Analytics Challenge
Make-A-Wish Foundation Targeting
Solution, Lapsed Donor Segments
First Place*
INFORMS 2009 Data Mining Competition
Health care Quality Task
First Runnerup*
KDD Cup 2009
CRM task, telecom dataset
Most accurate:
fast and slow scorring on a large database
Second Place*
DMA 2008 Analytics Challenge
Marketing optimization task
First Runnerup*
DMA 2007 Analytics Challenge
Targeted marketing task
First Place*
PAKDD 2007 Datta Mining Competition
Cross-Selling task, Financial dataset
Grand Champion*
PAKDD 2006 Datta Mining Competition
Upselling task, telecom dataset
First Runner-Up*
KDD Cup 2004
Particle physical task
Most Accurate
(First Place)*
Top Docile Lift
(Second Place)*
Overall model fit:
cross-entropy criterion
(Second Place)*
Area under the ROC
(Second Place)*
Churn Modelling Tournament 2002
Teradata Center from CRM at Duke
Best top decile lift Best overall model fit
Best top decile lift
(future time period
Best top decile
(future time period)
KDD Cup 2000
Web mining task
Most accurate forecast of site visitor page viewing
Best CRM Analytics

* won by a client of Salford using Salford software


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