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Salford Systems CART® Featured in the Book, Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die

Eric Siegel’s “Predictive Analytics” is a nontechnical overview of modern analytics with detailed discussion of how machine learning is being deployed across all industries and in all major corporations. Eric is a hugely entertaining writer and brings with him the expertise you would expect of a Columbia University trained Ph.D. Geoffrey Moore writes that the book is “deeply informative” and Tom Peters calls the book “The most readable ‘big data’ book I’ve come across. By far”.

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Ensemble Methods In Data Mining: A Hands-On Workshop Focused On Predictive Power

BOSTON, September 19, 2013 – Returning to Predictive Analytics World is an informative, skill-enhancing hands-on predictive modeling workshop titled "Supercharging Prediction: Hands-On with Ensemble Models." The workshop will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

Dean Abbott, president of Abbott Analytics, will return as the instructor for this course, which is sponsored by Salford Systems. The key concepts covered during this workshop can be applied to many predictive analytics projects regardless of the software employed. During this workshop's hands-on experience, Salford System's SPM® software suite will be used. The SPM software suite is a state-of-the art software package known for its capabilities in building model ensembles. A license will be made available to participants for use on that day (included with workshop registration).

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Salford Customer Wins 1st Place in Prestigious Competition Using Salford Predictive Modeler Software Suite

Using the Salford Predictive Modeler ® Software Suite, DataLab has been awarded first place honors in the most recent Direct Marketing Association Analytics Challenge

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Salford Systems Launches Next Generation Data Mining Video Documentation

San Diego – Salford Systems, a long-time vendor of data mining software and services, welcomes in the New Year with the launch of its brand-new series of video documentation. The company has published its first two video series "How to Build a Model," and "Interpreting Your Model Performance with Cost Functions" to its international data science audience, and has scheduled more than 80 additional videos over the next six months.

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Advancements In Regression Generate New Interest In The San Francisco Data Mining Community

SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2013 – A fascinating and informative guest presentation entitled "The Evolution of Regression Modeling" was warmly received by the 285-person audience of the San Francisco Data Mining Meetup group on Tuesday, May 20.

Salford Systems' founder and CEO, Dan Steinberg, Ph.D., was invited to give this short history of methods used to solve regression problems after meetup Co-Organizer Todd Holloway, Ph.D., of Trulia, was impressed by the four-part webinar series that Salford Systems had given earlier in the year.

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