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Announcing the Salford Data Mining Conference Video Portal

About the Conference

Salford Systems' 6th International Applied Data Mining Conference, a user-oriented data mining and predictive analytics conference, was held in San Diego on August 23rd through August 25th, hosting over 100 people and offering 32 presentations across multiple tracks. Topics covered included what went wrong in the financial markets, best practice analytics in banking and insurance underwriting, fraud detection, discovering unexploded ordinance in minefields, various topics in healthcare and bioinformatics, predictive analytics for optimal placement of web advertisements in ad networks, genetics research, and techniques for building better models.

About the Portal

The Salford Conference Video Portal contains video recordings of presentations given at our 2009 Data Mining Conference. Averaging one hour in duration, each presentation has been divided into several 10-minute chapters. In addition to the video, the following will be provided: the presentation abstract, the presentation PowerPoint slides, and the presenter's biography.

For more information, please visit the conference video portal.


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