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Data Mining Course in San Diego

Salford Systems' training courses provide a firm grounding in the theory and methodology behind each of our products, as well as practical examples illustrating both the basics and the finer points of the software. We teach you tips and tricks to help you squeeze out extra insight from your data and keep you updated on all the latest developments. Come prepared to expand your knowledge and understanding of Salford's data mining tools in a three-day series of training courses that will cover the software's basic, advanced and revolutionary components.

About the Course Instructor
Mikhail Golovnya, M.S.

Salford Systems' Senior Scientist Mikhail Golovnya provides data mining consultation for projects and works in model development and the search for technological improvements to Salford's core products. He is responsible for advanced testing and prototyping of new data mining algorithms and modeling automation. Along with leading extensive training sessions in CART®, MARS®, TreeNet®, RandomForests® and the Salford Predictive Modeler® suite, Golovnya provides guidance and technical support to Salford Systems' data mining clients.


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