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Salford Customer Wins 1st Place in Prestigious Competition Using Salford Predictive Modeler Software Suite

Using the Salford Predictive Modeler® Software Suite, DataLab has been awarded first place honors in the most recent Direct Marketing Association Analytics Challenge

The DataLab team experimented with two approaches for this year’s challenge; they used financial calculations as well as using a direct model approach and found that an ensemble of the two approaches garnered the best results.

When choosing the tools in their kit, the DataLab team focused primarily on predictive power, speed, and the ability to tune model parameters. Using the SPM TreeNet ® Software in their DataLab Predictive Modeling Toolkit, the team was able to clinch this win. “TreeNet has demonstrated a significant speed advantage versus other implementations,” said Aaron G. Davis, Vice President of Analytics at DataLab USA, a Salford Systems client. “Salford has also provided us with the ability to tune the model across many advanced dimensions such as the ability to penalize interactions and/or variables, which ultimately allows us to develop a more discriminant and better generalizing model.”

Salford Systems congratulates DataLab USA on their success and strives to build data mining tools with robust product performance, including unparalleled speed, accuracy and scalability.

In addition to powerful proprietary automation and modeling capabilities, the Salford Predictive Modeling Suite includes the company's four data mining products:

  • CART® (Classification and Regression Trees) The ultimate classification tree that has revolutionized the field of advanced analytics, and inaugurated the current era of data science. CART is one of the most important tools in modern data mining.
  • TreeNet® Gradient Boosting TreeNet® is Salford Systems’ most exible and powerful data mining tool, responsible for at least a dozen prizes in major data mining competitions since its introduction in 2002.
  • MARS® (Automatic Non-linear Regression): Ideal for users who prefer results in a form similar to traditional regression while capturing essential nonlinearities and interactions. The MARS approach to regression modeling effectively uncovers important data patterns and relationships that are difficult, if not impossible, for other regression methods to reveal.
  • RandomForests® Random Forests® software is a bagging tool that leverages the power of multiple alternative analyses, randomization strategies, and ensemble learning. Its strengths are spotting outliers and anomalies in data, displaying clusters, predicting future outcomes, identifying important predictors, replacing missing values with imputations, and providing insightful graphics.



Salford Systems specializes in state-of-the-art machine learning technology designed to assist data scientists in all aspects of predictive model development.


Salford Systems’ technology was developed and enhanced in direct collaboration with original creators of modern machine learning and data mining. We maintain an active R&D program, leveraging our ties to leading universities.


Salford’s tools are known for their ease of use, capability of working with large volumes of data, high- speed model development, robustness and reliability and consistent delivery of ultra-accurate models. Salford’s modeling automation tools guide novice data scientists through the complex process of model development and help expert data scientists develop world-class predictive models.


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