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Salford Systems Launches Next Generation Data Mining Video Documentation

San Diego – Salford Systems, a long-time vendor of data mining software and services, welcomes in the New Year with the launch of its brand-new series of video documentation. The company has published its first two video series "How to Build a Model," and "Interpreting Your Model Performance with Cost Functions" to its international data science audience, and has scheduled more than 80 additional videos over the next six months.

"These videos are being created in order to point out the most important areas of the software and how to use them; which is not always easily available in the existing documentation," said Mikhail Golovnya, Senior Scientist at Salford Systems and instructor in many of its videos and training courses. "In many cases, it is a lot easier to watch how something can be done in a video instead of reading it in a paper or user guide."

Anyone from the beginner practitioner to the expert user will benefit from Salford Systems' existing and queued videos. Of course it depends on what type of videos they are interested in, and that is why we have included videos for the beginner user and some for an advanced user.

"In the coming months, subscribers should expect to see a more in-depth discussion of some specific, lesser-understood areas of the software, mostly batteries and automation," added Golovnya. "Also, we will offer some tips and tricks for a more advanced user and explain some of the internals of the software and technology."

Thus far, the video series that have been published fall under a category of "How-To" and serve as a great introductory guide to building predictive models and understanding the mathematical structure behind the choices each algorithm makes on the analysts' behalf. There are many videos to come in the following categories, which will be published on the Salford Systems website as they become available:

How-To: Salford Systems offers a plethora of video documentation to help you get started and understand the key concepts behind each product's functionality.

• Competitive Advantage: What makes Salford Systems' data mining tools unique? These videos explore unique combinations of our data mining algorithms that will help you gain insight and predictive power.

Tips and Tricks: After you have mastered the data mining basics, explore new ways to squeeze out extra insight from your models and leverage the underlying methodology of Salford Systems' data mining software.

Expert User: This series of videos is designed for the SPM® power user. If you are using the Ultra, or even the Pro Ex version of SPM, you may benefit from these advanced data mining combinations and commands.

About Salford Systems
Founded in 1983, Salford Systems specializes in providing new-generation data mining and predictive modeling software and consulting services for industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, retail and catalog sales, and education. The company's CART®, MARS®, TreeNet® and Random Forests® data mining software are currently installed in over 3,500 sites worldwide, including 300 major universities. Salford Systems is headquartered in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit or telephone +1619-543-8880.


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