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EMB now a distributor of Salford Systems' products

New techniques will improve customer understanding and insurer profitability

EMB, Europe's leading non-life actuaries, have teamed up with San Diego-based Salford Systems in a move to help EMB's insurance clients deploy new, cutting-edge analysis techniques to understand and predict their customers' behaviour. EMB have become a worldwide distributor of Salford's data-mining software products, CART, MARS, TreeNet and RandomForests. These powerful tools will be used by EMB and its clients alongside EMB's own world-leading insurance risk analysis tool EMBLEM.

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Announcing the 2009 Salford Data Mining Conference

Salford Systems is pleased to announce our 2009 Data Mining Conference: Focusing on Solving Real-World Challenges. The conference will take place in San Diego, California, August 23-25, with post-conference training August 26-28.

Our conference is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners to learn about data mining technology from practical and theoretical experts. Expect to exchange ideas and experiences focused on the practice of both data mining and the real world analysis of complex data.

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CART® and Best-Seller Blink

Blink (2005), a NYT best-selling non-fiction book by Malcolm Gladwell, is a fascinating investigation into a person's ability to make instant judgments and decisions, as well as into the factors that help or hurt the judgment process. In chapter four, Gladwell discusses the problem of diagnosing individuals who arrive at a hospital emergency department with chest pain. Doctors need to quickly determine whether the patient is having a heart attack or is at risk of having a heart attack soon. The author discusses a computer-driven protocol based on research by Lee Goldman that, in a controlled experiment at Cook County Hospital in 2000–2001, was proven to be dramatically more accurate than the judgment of physicians.

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Announcing the Salford Data Mining Conference Video Portal

About the Conference

Salford Systems' 6th International Applied Data Mining Conference, a user-oriented data mining and predictive analytics conference, was held in San Diego on August 23rd through August 25th, hosting over 100 people and offering 32 presentations across multiple tracks. Topics covered included what went wrong in the financial markets, best practice analytics in banking and insurance underwriting, fraud detection, discovering unexploded ordinance in minefields, various topics in healthcare and bioinformatics, predictive analytics for optimal placement of web advertisements in ad networks, genetics research, and techniques for building better models.

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SPM® Suite Unveiled at NCDM 2010

MIAMI -- Salford Systems, the authority in data mining and predictive analytics software, unveiled its new Salford Predictive Modeler (SPM)™ software suite at NCDM 2010 here today. SPM provides businesses, institutions and government agencies with a highly accurate, ultra-fast platform for developing predictive, descriptive and analytical models from large and complex databases. SPM technology dramatically accelerates accurate, robust model generation by automatically sifting through such databases to isolate significant patterns and relationships. Yet the program is easy to use for both technical and nontechnical users.

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