Classification and Regression Trees

Classification and Regression Trees

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Classification and Regression Trees

Ultimate Classification Tree:
CART® software is the ultimate classification tree that has revolutionized the field of advanced analytics, and inaugurated the current era of data science. CART is one of the most important tools in modern data mining. Others have tried to copy CART, but no one has succeeded, as evidenced by accuracy, performance, feature set, built-in automation and ease of use. Designed for both non-technical and technical users, CART can quickly reveal important data relationships that could remain hidden using other analytical tools.
Proprietary Code:
Technically, CART is based on landmark mathematical theory introduced in 1984 by four world-renowned statisticians at Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. Salford Systems' implementation of CART is the only decision tree software embodying the original proprietary code. The CART creators continue to collaborate with Salford Systems to continually enhance CART with proprietary advances.
Fast and Versatile:
Patented extensions to CART are specifically designed to enhance results for market research and web analytics. CART supports high-speed deployment, allowing Salford models to predict and score in real time on a massive scale. Over the years CART has become known as the fastest and most versatile predictive modeling algorithm available to analyst, it is also used as a foundation to many modern data mining approaches based on bagging and boosting.




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