Classification and Regression Trees


Classification and Regression Trees

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Need Help With SPM®?

Need Help With SPM?

You've come to the right place! Below you will find a wide range of topic specific user guides for SPM. If you can't find the answer you need, our support team member are ready to help you find a solution.

  • About Our User’s Guide

    Here we provide a brief overview and objectives of our user guides.

  • Exploring Data

    This describes facilities in SPM to gain initial insights about a dataset by viewing and generating descriptive statistics

  • Introducing SPM Infrastructure

    Describes the common infrastructure of SPM application and introduces facilities that are used.

  • Introducing CART

    This guide describes the CART product and illustrates some practical examples of its basic usage and approach.

  • Introducing TreeNet

    This guide describes the TreeNet product and illustrates some practical examples of its basic usage and approach.

  • Introducing MARS

    This guide provides a brief introduction to MARS.

  • Introducing Random Forests

    This guide provides a brief introduction to RandomForests.

  • RandomForests Modeling Basics

    This guide provides an introduction into RandomForests Modeling Basics.

  • Generalized PathSeeker Intro

    This guide provides a brief introduction to GPS as well as a guide insight for model interpretation.

  • Model Compression via ISLE and RuleLearner

    This guide elaborates on powerful ways to combine the TreeNet and GPS engines to achieve model compression and more.

  • Introducing LOGIT Modeling

    Describes the LOGIT module, a tool for logistic regression analysis - model building, model evaluation, prediction and scoring, regression diagnostics.

  • Command Reference

    This guide provides a command language reference and syntax. SPM has two alternative modes of control in, command-line and batch.

  • Guide to the BASIC Programming Language

    This guide provides an overview of the built-in BASIC programming language available within SPM




Salford Systems has been hosting the Salford Analytics and Data Mining Conference since 2004. Customers of Salford Systems gather to present the exciting work and advancements they've made using data mining and predictive analytics across various industries. These videos are most useful for understanding how Salford Systems software is used by real people in real-world practice.



Salford Systems offers numerous video resources to assist its clients in their data mining efforts.


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