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TreeNet® Tree Ensembles and CART® Decision Trees: A Winning Combination

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Combining CART decision trees with TreeNet stochastic gradient boosting: A winning combination.

Learn about how you can combine the best of both tools in this 1 hour webinar.


Course Outline


I. Classification and Regression Trees Pros/Cons

II. Stochastic Gradient Boosting: a promising way to overcome the shortcomings of a single tree

III. Introducing Stochastic Gradient Boosting, a powerful modern ensemble of boosted trees

  • Methodology
  • Reporting
  • Interpretability
  • Post-Processing
  • Interaction Detection

IV. Advantages of using both Classification and Regression Trees and Tree Ensembles


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TreeNet Tree Ensembles and CART Decision Trees


TreeNet Tree Ensembles and CART Decision Trees: A Winning Combination


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