Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests

Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests

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Random Forests Introduction

Breiman and Cutler’s Random Forests:
Random Forests is a bagging tool that leverages the power of multiple alternative analyses, randomization strategies, and ensemble learning to produce accurate models, insightful variable importance ranking, and laser-sharp reporting on a record-by-record basis for deep data understanding. Its strengths are spotting outliers and anomalies in data, displaying proximity clusters, predicting future outcomes, identifying important predictors, discovering data patterns, replacing missing values with imputations, and providing insightful graphics
Cluster and Segment:
Much of the insight provided by Random Forests is generated by methods applied after the trees are grown and include new technology for identifying clusters or segments in data as well as new methods for ranking the importance of variables. The method was developed by Leo Breiman and Adele Cutler of the University of California, Berkeley, and is licensed exclusively to Salford Systems. Ongoing research is being undertaken by Salford Systems in collaboration with Professor Adele Cutler, the surviving co-author of Random Forests.
Suited for Wide Datasets:
Random Forests is a collection of many CART trees that are not influenced by each other when constructed. The sum of the predictions made from decision trees determines the overall prediction of the forest. Random Forests is best suited for the analysis of complex data structures embedded in small to moderate data sets containing less than 10,000 rows but potentially millions of columns.




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