Discover greater functionality and accuracy

  • Latest algorithms that drive precision

  • New automated features that accelerate modeling capabilities

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Discover greater functionality and accuracy

  • Latest algorithms that drive precision

  • New automated features that accelerate modeling capabilities

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NEW Salford Predictive Modeler software suite. SPM Version 8.2 Just Released!

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SPM 8.2

70+ pre-packaged automation scenarios inspired by the way leading model analysts structure their work.
Tools to relieve gruntwork, allowing the analyst to focus on the creative aspects of model development.
Enhanced Algorithms:
Regression, Classification, and Logistic Regression enhanced to support massive datasets.
New features for our core tools, based on user feedback and advances in data science.
between the leading edge academic thinking of Jerome Friedman and Leo Breiman and real-world applications.

Because Accuracy Matters

The SPM Salford Predictive Modeler® software suite is a highly accurate and ultra-fast platform for developing predictive, descriptive, and analytical models from databases and datasets of any size, complexity, or organization.

The SPM software suite’s data mining technologies span classification, regression, survival analysis, missing value analysis, data binning and clustering/segmentation to cover all aspects of your data science projects. SPM algorithms are considered to be essential in sophisticated data science circles

The SPM software suite‘s automation accelerates the process of model building by conducting substantial portions of the model exploration and refinement process for the analyst. While the analyst is always in full control we optionally anticipate the analysts’ next best steps and package a complete set of results from alternative modeling strategies for easy review.


Product Versions

SPM® 8.2 Product Versions

The best of the best. For the modeler who must have access to leading edge technology available and fastest run times including major advances in ensemble modeling, interaction detection and automation. ULTRA also provides advance access to new features as they become available in frequent upgrades.
For the modeler who needs cutting-edge data mining technology, including extensive automation of workflows typical for experienced data analysts and dozens of extensions to the Salford data mining engines.
A true predictive modeling workbench designed for the professional data miner. Variety of supporting conventional statistical modeling tools, programming language, reporting services, and a modest selection of workflow automation options.
Literally the basics. Salford Systems award winning data mining engines without extensions or automation or surrounding statistical services, programming language, and sophisticated reporting. Designed for small budgets while still delivering our world famous engines




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