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Rapid Response Data Mining

Before investing in an expensive data mining solution, take advantage of a unique opportunity to investigate your potential return on investment. Salford Systems' Rapid Response Data Mining center plans and executes demonstration projects and proof-of-concept studies in as little as four weeks. Value assessments of large scale data mining projects are generated quickly and cost-effectively on our six high speed servers with massive storage capacity.

Our center's data mining team of business consultants with Ph.Ds (Harvard, UC Berkeley) in statistics and econometrics and scientific programmers find path-breaking solutions to complex modeling and data analysis problems. We have revealed substantial Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities using innovative techniques such as hybrid CART-Logit models, successfully developing a comprehensive scoring system for a major lender, a direct mail targeting model for one of the nation's largest financial institutions, and a predictive churn model for a major European telecommunications carrier. Other industries that have used Salford Systems' consultation services include transportation, insurance, and health care.

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