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    Access the help you need to use our software from representatives who are knwoledgeable in data mining and predictive analytics

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Working With A Large Number of Variables In SPM®

Salford Systems Predictive Modeler, including CART®, MARS®, TreeNet®, and RandomForests®, can handle any number of variables you care to work with. By default your software will launch prepared to work with up to 32,768 variables which is sufficient for many users. However, if you need to work with a larger number you just need to let the software know at the time the application is launched.
If you are working with non–GUI version you make use of command line arguments informing the application of your preferences. For example the command line syntax is:
SPM.EXE -v Specifies max N variables for the session.
With the GUI version you essentially do the same adding the command line arguments by modifying the properties of the application.
Just follow the following steps, for example, to inform SPM you expect to work with up to 50,000 variables:
  • Right click on the program group icon and select "Properties."
  • From the Properties dialog, be sure to select the "Shortcut" tab.
From the Shortcut tab, add the parameter "-V50000" to the "Target" path. It should end up looking something like:
The value used for this parameter reflects the number of variables allowed to be used in the application. For example, if you need to use 75,000 variables, then you would need to set this parameter at –V75000.
Click the [Apply] button.
Click the [OK] to close the shortcut properties dialog.
Use your program group icon to start SPM or any other individual Salford Systems' product.


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