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Webinars and Tutorials

Salford Systems’ Webinars and Tutorials offer technical insight from our experts into an array of topics. We offer attendees the opportunity to utilize our software on the same datasets used in our presentations as well as explore their own data.

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Comprehensive Data Mining Training

Salford Systems' Comprehensive Training provides a firm grounding in the theory and methodology behind each of our products, as well as practical examples illustrating both the basics and the finer points of the software. Come prepared to expand your knowledge and understanding of Salford's data mining tools in a three-day series of courses that cover the software's basic and advanced components- and everything in between.

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About the Course Designer

Dan Steinberg, President and Founder of Salford Systems, is a well-respected member of the statistics and econometrics communities. In 1992, he developed the first PC-based implementation of the original CART procedure, working in concert with Leo Breiman, Richard Olshen, Charles Stone and Jerome Friedman. In addition, he has provided consulting services on a number of biomedical and market research projects, which have sparked further innovations in the CART program and methodology.

Dr. Steinberg received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, and has given full day presentations on data mining for the American Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association and the American Statistical Association. A book he co-authored on Classification and Regression Trees was awarded the 1999 Nikkei Quality Control Literature Prize in Japan for excellence in statistical literature promoting the improvement of industrial quality control and management.

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